Are Kellogg's Pop Tarts HALAL or HARAM in Islam (2024)

Khadija Ahmed

January 03, 2024
Are Kellogg's Pop Tarts Halal

Pop Tarts (or Pop-Tarts), invented by the Kellogg Company in 1964, have carved a niche as one of the most sought-after brands of toaster pastries, especially in the United States. They're an embodiment of convenience, catering to those seeking a quick breakfast or a sugary snack option.

But for the Muslim community in North America and elsewhere, a pressing question arises: "Are Pop-Tarts halal?" Considering the intricate intricacies of Islamic dietary laws, understanding the halal status of everyday food products becomes paramount.

Who is Kellogg's or The Kellogg Company?

Muslim woman navigating Halal and Haram foods in a supermarket

The Kellogg Company trades by the name Kellogg's, which is probably what you see in supermarket shelves on cereals and snacks. The company was founded by John Harvey Kellogg in 1876 as a result of him wanting to improve the vegetarian diet of hospital patients.

Their most famous invention was the corn flakes cereal in 1894 and the company then went on to invent or acquire most other cereals you see on shelves in 2023.

Today, the company has sales of over $13 billion each year and has 34,000 employees around the world.

What are Pop Tarts?

Pop tarts are a popular snacks amongst many Americans

After a competitor, Post, launched a dehydrated foiled breakfast pastry in the early 1960s, Kellogg's launched their version six months later which was initially called Fruit Scones. This later became Pop-Tarts as a pun on the popular Pop Art scene.

Pop-Tarts originally came in four flavors: strawberry, blueberry, cinnamon brown sugar and apple currant or apple-berry. Today there are over 20 different variations and flavors including grape, hot fudge sundae and s'mores.

Pop Tarts are popular with children and adults as they don't require refrigeration and are simply prepared in a toaster or microwave.

Pop Tarts flavors and ingredients

The Halal status of Kellog's Pop Tarts is complicated

While over 2 billion Pop-Tarts are sold every year, there is controversy surrounding their ingredients as they are considered to be unhealthy 'junk food' owing to them being high in sugar, refined flour and unhealthy oils.

The global adoration for Pop-Tarts stems from its diverse palette of flavors. Each variant of Pop-Tarts, whether it be the ever-popular strawberry flavor or the indulgent frosted chocolate chip, is formulated with a distinct set of ingredients.

This rich diversity is marked by common components like wheat flour, a staple in many cereal products, high fructose corn syrup, known for its sweetening properties, and pre-gelatinized wheat starch, which plays a crucial role in determining the product's texture.

As we journey deeper into the composition of these toaster pastries, it becomes evident that while many ingredients are straightforward, several others lead to halal-based concerns. The elephant in the room, so to speak, is the utilization of pork gelatin. Often found in various cereal products and food items, gelatin, especially from pork, possesses unique properties that impact the texture of the product. Its inclusion, however, poses a significant challenge, rendering specific Pop-Tarts flavors non-compliant with stringent Islamic dietary guidelines.

Are Pop Tarts halal under Islamic law?

Pop tarts can contain gelatin from haram sources

While the inclusion of pork gelatin would render Pop-Tarts haram, the answer to this question is more complex.

Flavors like marshmallow Froot Loops includes the presence of marshmallow additives. These additives can be problematic as they might be derived from sources that aren’t halal-compliant, encompassing pork products or cow bones that haven’t been processed in line with Islamic law.

Certain varieties of Kellogg's offerings might contain animal-derived ingredients that could be contentious for Muslim consumers. These could range from sources of whey, commonly used in various food products, to specific animal-based products and even beef gelatine. The sourcing, processing, and inclusion of these elements need to be analysed against halal standards.

With the unfrosted Pop-Tarts versions, like the unfrosted strawberry, unfrosted brown sugar cinnamon, and unfrosted blueberry, these often steer clear of pork gelatin. However, they might encompass natural or artificial flavors, which, while enhancing taste, might have origins in animal ingredients, necessitating further scrutiny for those committed to a halal diet.

Islamic dietary laws are clearly outlined in the Holy Quran

There's also the additional detail of mapping the entire journey of an ingredient, such as whether white sugar has been refined using bone char or if palm oil and artificial colors are ethically sourced.

When inquired about the vegan status of Pop-Tarts, which might offer indirect insights into its halal nature, it's been clarified that certain ingredients, like vitamin B, folic acid, and natural flavors, could be sourced from animal products, making many Pop-Tarts flavors non-vegan. This includes some frosted Pop-Tart varieties which contain dairy products, egg whites, and other non-vegan ingredients.

While many Pop-Tarts might not align with a vegan diet, some plain Pop-Tarts devoid of frosted layers, have been found to be free from the main non-vegan ingredients, but it's always recommended to check the ingredients label before assuming it's a potential halal snack option.

What does the official Kellogg's website say?

As of September 2023, the official Pop-Tarts website has been updated to say:

At this time, no Pop-Tarts® products sold in the United States or Canada are certified as Halal.

As a result, Muslim consumers should steer clear of any Pop-Tarts where there are dubious ingredients which may have a question mark over them surrounding their halal status.

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