Is Rapper Central Cee Muslim?

Khadija Ahmed

July 12, 2023
Central Cee in front of a masjid

Central Cee, born Oakley Neil H. T. Caesar-Su on June 4th 1998, is a British rapper, drill icon, social media star, model and songwriter. Central Cee shot to fame in 2020 with the release of 'Loading' and 'Commitment Issues' and most recently featured on a release with UK rapper Dave called 'Split Decision'.

But with prominence gained on the UK rap circuit, attention has also shifted to Central Cee's personal life. From his admittance to selling drugs in order to finance his career, there are also many wondering about his personal beliefs and religion. So, is Central Cee a Muslim? Let's dive in.

Did Central Cee have religious parents? 🕌

Central Cee was raised in West London in Shepherd's Bush with two younger brothers. His Irish mother, Rachel, was only fifteen years old when she started dating Central Cee's Guyanese father. Central Cee's father originally has Chinese and Arawak descent. 

Central Cee's parents are not thought to be Muslim.

Why people think Central Cee follows Islam 🌙

Central Cee sparked speculation about his religious beliefs as he follows an Islamic Dawah page on Instagram, another Muslim page on TikTok and hasn't released music during Ramadan. He has also been seen to share religious, Arabic text on social media.

Many of Central Cee's lyrics also nod towards growing up around Islamic culture. In his hit song "Doja", Central Cee raps:

"The mandem celebrate Eid"

On his song "Trojan Horse" with Dave, he also raps:

"Bro got it in masjid, he got a mad ting under his kameez"

Finally in his song "LA Leakers", he raps:

"We don't eat pork, we say it's haram"

However, despite these lyrics and mention of Islamic references, it is not known that Central Cee is Muslim or that he has embraced Islam as his religion. And so any assumptions that he is a Muslim would be unfounded.