“By The Fig And The Olive”: What God Tells Us About These Superfoods

Safiya Rahman

July 12, 2023
Fig and olive tree mentioned in the Quran

"By the fig and the olive, and the mount of Sinai, and this city of security, We have indeed created man in the finest of molds" (Surah At-Tin 95:1-4)

One of the miracles of the Quran is its mention of everyday objects in nature and the unknown benefits of them. In the very first verse of Surah At-Tin, God mentions the fig and the olive. This simple phrase has been broken down by respected scholars and has even inspired works of art. Is there a significance of these two fruits and what might God be trying to tell us through them?

Fruits of the Quran 🍇

It's worth firstly pointing out that the fig and the olive are not the only fruits mentioned in the Quran. In fact, there are numerous other fruits mentioned, such as dates, pomegranate and grapes. However, the fig and the olive hold a special significance due to the context in which they are mentioned.

In the verses mentioned above, some scholars ruminate that the fig and the olive represent the lands of Palestine and Syria, which are known for their abundant production of these fruits. Also, it was known that many Prophets lived an preached in these holy lands. Additionally, the fact that the verse mentions the mount of Sinai and the city of Makkah may suggest that these fruits have a broader symbolic meaning beyond just their appearance.

Health benefits 💪

Figs and olives are not only delicious, but they also have many health benefits. For example, figs are high in fibre and antioxidants, and may help lower blood pressure and improve digestion. Olives, on the other hand, are rich in healthy fats and may help reduce inflammation and improve heart health.

More recent studies have suggested that olives and olive oil may also reduce the risk of getting cancer. It's widely known that populations living in Mediterranean climates consume large amounts of olive oil and have correspondingly low rates of cancer.

We could also note that the fig and the olive are both mentioned in the context of the genesis of mankind. This could be interpreted as a reminder that these fruits, and the natural world as a whole, are part of God's creation and should be cherished and protected. In a world where environmental destruction and climate change are major concerns, this message is more relevant than ever.

Spiritual nourishment 🤲

Another interpretation of the fig and the olive is that they represent the spiritual nourishment that God provides us. Just as these fruits provide sustenance for physical wellbeing, God's guidance and teachings provide nourishment for our souls. So the fig and the olive could be seen as symbols of faith and the path towards piety.

So while figs and olives are mentioned in the Quran and we may initially associate them with great taste and some health benefits, we can now see how Allah could be drawing notice to their plethora of other advantages in our daily lives.

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